jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2004

Superman de Morrison

Los planes de DC para el enésimo relanzamiento empiezan a anunciarse. Se trata de una línea llamada ALL STARS (All Stars Superman, All Stars Batman,etc.) ubicada en el Universo DC Pre-Crisis, lo que en caso de Superman es especialmente relevante por el contexto y el background propio del personaje.

Los primeros 12 números de All Stars Superman los realizarían nada más y nada menos que Grant Morrison y Frank Quitely. Estos son los planes del grandioso, demente y genial Morrison:

The first issue ’”Faster…” starts with Superman attempting to rescue the first manned spaced mission to the sun! An overdose of solar radiation triggers a fatal chain reaction in his cell structure, P.R.O.J.E.C.T. specialists race to create a new Superman and...well, you’ll have to wait and see.

The Fortress appears in issue #2, stuffed with a ton of new toys and gets haunted by the bandaged ghost of the Unknown Superman of 4500 AD. The Kandorians finally get out of that bottle. Superman gets a new power. Clark Kent winds up sharing a prison cell with Lex Luthor in issue #5. The Bizarro Cube Earth invades our world in an epic 2-part adventure (no ’decompression’ here!) and we’re recasting the Bizarros as a frightening, unstoppable zombie-plague style menace. Bizarro Jor-El and the Bizarro JLA turn up in the second part of that story too. What else? We meet Earth’s replacement Superman and Clark Kent takes on a new superhero identity...Ten of the 12 issues are complete short stories in 22 pages, so lots of stuff happens. And it all links together as a maxi-arc or whatever they call them these days, entitled ’The 12 Labors of Superman’.

Superman’s Rogues Gallery is pretty weak, so I’ve tried to add some characters I think might enhance the mix. Solaris, the Tyrant Sun from the DC 1 Million series gets a makeover and a return visit, and I figured Superman could use a ’Subhuman’ counterpart, so I’ve created Krull, an evolved dinosaur dictator who rules a monstrous civilization at the center of the earth. He’s only in the story for a few pages but the concept is strong and feels like one that could be used again. Then there’s the Abominable Snowman, a tragic scientist who’s a bit like a refrigerated Incredible Hulk and turns up for a couple of pages. Superman needs some good tough monsters to fight, so I’ve tried to think along those lines. In most cases, the villains only get walk-on roles in this one, however. Overall, the series is more about Superman’s relationships with his friends and with the world than anything else.

People know my stuff and I’m sure they can guess what to expect. It’s going to be big, bold sci-fi Superman for 12 issues.

Yo ya lo estoy esperando con sumo interés.

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